Our habits are what define us. They are what we continually do day in and day out, most of the time un-noticed to us. When it comes to health and fitness we wear our habits on our sleeve. Watch someone workout for five minutes and you can probably pin point a few of his or her workout habits. These habits can be good things that help us grow and they can also be bad things that are keeping us from reaching our potential. Start adopting a few of the good habits and you will start to see changes immediately.  One easy habit that athletes and fitness professionals have in common is they always have a water bottle with them. Water is the essence of life and the list of benefits to the body is massive. There are a variety of different styles, find one that you can take everywhere. A more in depth habit is mindset. People, if you desire a better body, but dread going to the gym it is going to make it awfully hard to make it in every day and put in the work needed to succeed.  MINDSET IS EVERYTHING, if you see your gym time as an opportunity to better yourself and embrace the challenges along the way it will make the journey and the results well worth it.  Let High Definition implement small habits and give you the tools to create a rock-solid foundation for us to “Define your Body, and Define your Life.”      


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