At High Definition, we believe nutrition is a very important aspect to our training that every athlete needs to take advantage of. When you are trying to reach a high level of performance you want to make sure that your hard efforts in the gym do not go to waste. Proper nutrition before, during and after a workout is very is essential. *Prior to working out, consuming plenty of fluids and high energy foods will make sure that your body is ready to put in some work.  *During your workout staying hydrated is key, periodically taking breaks to sip on a water bottle or walk to the drinking fountain is highly recommended.  *Post workout is where the money is made. Supplying your body with a source of lean protein immediately after working out, such as a protein shake will kick start protein synthesis and get recovery started!  A few hours after working out make sure to get in a larger meal, particularly full of carbohydrates and protein to keep the recovery process running efficiently. This will also replenish the energy that you have burned during exercise. High Definition is here to work with you to find foods that you enjoy and that will help you get the most out of your efforts.


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