I first started training with Brady in the spring of 2016. I knew from the moment I met Brady that he was extremely passionate about athletic training, extremely knowledgeable, and committed to making me the best athlete I possibly could be. Since working with HD I have gotten my body to where I’ve always wanted it to be. I’ve trimmed off unwanted body fat and made large gains in all areas of my body.

Sure working out isn’t always fun at times. I have found getting started with my workouts is the hardest part. You know those days where your thinking about any excuse possible not to get in the gym, I never have that problem on days I am meeting with the HD team. The positivity and the fun environment at HD make working out a breeze!

Before I started working with HD I worked out with trainers at Anytime Fitness. I felt that at these big chain facilities I wasn’t receiving the attention I was hoping for. Plus I was let down after I heard that all clients at these bigger gyms have fixed workouts. Everyone’s workout are the same! That is crazy to me because every single person has a different body with different needs then the next person. HD takes the time to develop workouts that meet your bodies needs and also your personal goals. Not to mention the bang you get for your buck! After doing a lot of research on other companies, these guys at HD have without a doubt the best deals around.

Thanks to the guys at HD I love where my body is at right now. My health and self confidence have increased tremendously. I love waking up every morning feeling good about myself and knowing that I have the ability to make a positive change in my life. I’m super pumped to continue my training with HD and I know with these guys the sky is truly the limit!

-Max Chamberlin, Waunakee Wisconsin